Liana provides program development in the area of family violence. As a University lecturer she is well versed in delivering informative, evidence based programs and as a facilitator to many diverse groups she creates a safe, welcoming environment in which to explore the many facets of family violence. She is very interested in the intersection between human rights and family violence, also gender inequality and power.

The topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Understanding of family violence
    • Causes
    • What family violence looks and sounds like
  • Consequences of family violence
    • Women
    • Children
    • Families
  • Perpetrators
    • Profile of perpetrators
    • Perpetrator accountability
  • Victorian State Government Reforms
    • Legislation
    • Support & Safety Hubs
    • Prevention Agency
    • Information sharing
  • Gender Equality
    • Sexism
    • Gender power imbalance
  • Responding to Disclosures of Family Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Diversity & Intersectionality
    • The marginalised and family violence
  • Myth busting family violence 

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