Liana is a unique resource in the fight against family violence.

Liana’s qualifications in human rights and international law inform her strategic understanding of the human rights framework and her experience as a genocide scholar and academic underpins her ability to comprehend human rights violations in a broad international context.  Couple this with her lived experience of family violence and you have a tour de force of strength, knowledge and advocacy within the family violence landscape.

Liana advocates for the prevention of violence against women and actively engages discussion with regard to the intersectionality  of human rights and gender inequality in order to move closer to the elimination of violence against all women.

What can Liana bring to your organisation or event?

Liana is passionate about prevention education and is a highly sought after, speaker, trainer, facilitator and mentor.

As an experienced human rights, international relations and law academic and family violence and social change advocate, Liana draws on her lived experience of intimate partner family violence, and her initiatives for survival and resilience which developed in re-starting her life to inform her programs, presentations and speaking engagements.

Liana believes it is time to go beyond awareness, it is time to talk about the resources and actions needed to change our community and its institutions if we are to genuinely improve safety and support for women navigating family violence.

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Who are some of Liana’s collaborators and clients?

  • Dept of Premier & Cabinet
  • Dept of Treasury & Finance
  • Addressed parliament (speeches)
  • Dept of Education & Training
  • Dept of Justice & Regulation
  • Consult to the late Minister Fiona Richardson
  • Consult to Premier Daniel Andrews
  • Consultto Minister Jenny Mikakos
  • Consult to Monash City Council
  • Consult to  Department of Health & Human Services