Applying a Human Rights Framework to Family Violence in the State of Victoria and why this is important

I don’t know whether you have ever looked at it this way … but the very essence of family violence means that acts of family violence violate a person’s human rights. Being from a human rights background this is clear and obvious to me …

And although for me it’s a simple connection to make, in reality the application of a human rights framework is not applied to the issue of family violence in Victoria, and I am determined to make change in this area!

There is a small, token recognition by the Vic Gov. that family violence is a ‘systemic human rights issue’ but the problem with this is that the importance of human rights within the family violence context is not emphasised enough and neither is it given the potential to use United Nations (UN) human rights instruments. Such as laws relating to human rights abuse which carry a heavier penalty.

We know that the UN and international law have the capacity to create social and legal changes which the State of Victoria in its quest to confront family violence can galvanise and utilise, but it is not happening to the degree that it could, in my opinion, and this needs to change.

The state government needs to engage human rights instruments to shape the way we protect women and children from family violence, it is a human rights issue.

Have you ever looked at family violence as a human rights issue?  What’s your experience with State government in regards to family violence? Love to hear your thoughts.

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